October 25, 2015


We offer a range of event staffing solutions for any event, large or small. In addition to our standard bartender and server staff, we also offer support and specialty staff including bar-backs, bussers, coat check attendants, greeters, and restroom attendants.

Micro-managers rejoice! With at least 24+ hour notice prior to the event, we can offer custom staff selection for our clients. This means you are able to hand-pick the staff you want for your event. For more information on this service, please contact us.

We always hold extra staff on stand-by in case of any last minute staff requests by our clients. These team members are specially selected for last-minute shift duties to ensure that we always have available staff for any unexpected circumstances. This ensures a level of reliability that our clients have come to expect, all the while employing a system that is fairer and more respectful to our committed staff members.

Premium event staff do not have to come with an ultra-premium price tag. Our well-trained team members and attentive service won’t break your bank. We pay our staff fair rates and charge fair prices for our services. For more information on our rates, please contact us.

The standard uniform our staff uses is typically all-black dress (black bistro); black dress shirt, black tie, black dress pants, black belt, black shoes and black socks. If you require any adjustments in order for our staff to blend in seamlessly with yours or in order to match a special event theme, please let us know and we can work on making the necessary changes.





We carefully select and thoroughly train all of our bartending staff to ensure that they will always be prepared and ready to please your guests with mouth-watering cocktails. Because when we promise well-trained bartenders, we mean it. To find our more, please visit our bartender section.






Our servers are a touch above. Carefully selected and trained by our in-house staff, they are discrete and blend in seamlessly; your guests will never be able to distinguish between our staff and yours.To find out more, please visit our server section.






Our specialty & support staff including bar-backs, bussers as well as specialty staff including but not excluded to host/greeters, coat check and restroom attendants. We are able to supply a wide range of support staff tailored for your specific event needs and we are flexible in what we can offer. If you have a special staff request for your next event and would like to find out more about what we can offer, please visit our specialty & support staff section.